Creating intimate pieces of online development

I am a math/technology teacher by day, a web developer in the evening, and I play drums in what time I have left. I have a lovely, supportive wife and we are currently residing in central Kentucky. I have been developing websites in Flash and Flex for about 7 years and HTML/CSS for about 3 years.

My specialty is building a custom solution for your needs. Most sites can be easily developed with out-of-the-box templates and plugins. However, if you need something specific, or do not want to shell out the cash for an expensive industry standard program, then that is where I can help.

Whether you want an application/widget added to your site, or you want a full site developed from scratch, feel free to contact me to schedule a meeting at one of my Panera offices.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript/jQuery/AngularJS
  • Web Apps
  • Flash
  • Database and CRUD applications
  • Photography Enthusiast
  • Proficient photo/video editing


Lauren Mink Music


This was a fun site to do. I decided to work with Twitter's Bootstrap to lay the foundations. It is responsive and I designed it from scratch.

Wilson Pediatric Therapy


My latest creation. This site was a lot of fun to create. It was built using a responsive HTML5 framework (Skeleton). It has a lot of subtleties: responsive, Google Docs/scripts manage all the forms, HTML5, mobile friendly, media queries, etc.

Life Support Program


This is one of my biggest and most intricate sites to date. The frontend is mostly HTML/CSS and media queries, but the backend of this site is a monster program that keeps grades, attendance, an economy/currency system, a referal system, and a contact log just to name a few things. It is powered by PHP and MySQL. It includes Actionscript (Flex Framework), HTML, Zend Framework, jQuery, and jQuery Mobile. It integrates with the school system's Active Directory to manage users and it is custom built for the school's needs.

Lexington Lab Band


This is a quick landing page I did for a music project I proudly participate in on a regular basis. The site is responsive, integrates with Twitter, and has a custom built comments section (jQuery).

Mortgage Calculator+


I worked with a financial education taskforce backed by LBAR to provide better financial literacy for buying a house. Having recently become a homeowner myself, I wanted to create a comprehensive calculator, but keep things user friendly. Every layman calculator I used before buying my house fell short of my actual mortgage payment. The calculator is accompanied by a curriculum that local realtors use when educating the public.

IBC Childcare


This site was recently updated to be mobile friendly. It uses the Skeleton framework and media queries. The client also wanted a backend login system to post announcements (without having to go through a middle-man).

John Hatfield Band


This site was created at the beginning of my HTML/CSS transition from Flash based sites. With a little help from John himself, we designed this site in Photoshop and sliced it up for the web.

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